9 Alkaline Foods That Will Clean And Remove Acids From Your Body

There is a certain acidic state that our bodies maintain to keep everything balanced and healthy.  This healthy balance of the body’s acidic levels, however, can easily be disturbed when we consume some foods or drinks.

Such a disturbance can eventually lead to problems such as inflammation and toxin accumulation and even put the immune system and our organs in a vulnerable state.  Fortunately, studies have shown that there are some foods which have alkaline rich content and can restore a healthy acidic balance.

Such alkaline rich foods are said to be able to remove excess or toxic acid, cleanse your system and maintain overall regularity in functioning.  An alkaline diet can be effective in improving your health, reducing inflammation (one of the main causes of the majority of serious illnesses), and even helping fight serious diseases such as cancer.

We present you with a list of 9 alkaline foods that should be part of your everyday diet.

Almonds are the super nuts that are found on every list of healthiest foods to eat.   They are loaded with essential nutrients and even vital plant-based fatty acids stored in their oil as well as being alkaline rich.  Almonds are not only beneficial for skin, hair and brain health, but also to help increase muscle mass, to lower cholesterol levels and even to promote weight loss.

Cool cucumbers are popular veggies in summer and they act as natural diuretics, that is hydrating the body and getting rid not only of excess water but also washing out accumulated acids and toxins, ultimately balancing acidity levels.  Cucumber juice is also great for treating conditions arising from excessive uric acid (waste material present in urine)

The leafy green goodness of cabbage supplies you with necessary nutrients such as magnesium and roughage, which help maintain a healthy balance of our alkalinity, immunity and digestive system at cellular level.  Furthermore, cabbage is a perfect low-calorie, fiber-rich food for dieters and is even believed to be effective in helping prevent and reverse certain cancers.

Plum tomatoes
Plum tomatoes are great because they are rich in vitamins A, C, E and also have a high water content.  They are beneficial for dieting as well as treating skin problems, treating infections of the urinary tract, bladder issues and even related cancers.  Their high water content stimulates urination and eliminates excess acid from our bodies, thus releasing them from our systems.

This popular citrus fruit is great to eat as it is or as a freshly squeezed juice.  Its natural properties help boost metabolism, keep weight in check and eliminate excess fat clinging to your body.  Besides all this, it also happens to be low in sugar and alkaline-rich so it boosts alkaline levels and provides a healthy dose of vitamin C to boost immunity too.

Key limes
Another fruit of the citrus family, key limes are packed with vitamin C, therefore eliminating excess acid (including uric), toxins, bacteria, etc. from our urinary tract.  Accumulations of uric acid can result in inflammation and pain as this waste material’s presence gradually infects internal organs.  Key limes are effective at flushing out acids, including uric acid, from the body because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

When life gives you lemons, make detox lemon juice – to cleanse your digestive system, detox your body and restore that healthy acidic balance.  Lemons are the superstars in natural remedies for treating flu, infections and for promoting weight loss.  Ironically, lemons contain citric acid, but they are actually wonderful alkaline-rich, low-sugar fruits and really health friendly.

Basil is often called the ‘king of herbs’ and it is a king rich in nutrients that you would usually have to get from different foods.  This popular Italian herb is rich in Vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and more.  These are all elements which reduce acid levels, detox the body, promote urination, clean out the kidneys and help in preventing kidney stones.

These are of the melon family and are rich in water, beta carotene, phytochemicals, and most of the B vitamins, all of which help your body get rid of and fight against excess acids and toxins.  Cantaloupes also help the immune system produce more white blood cells to effectively keep away those nasty toxins in addition to optimizing and balancing alkaline levels.