My Clothes Were Never Pure White and Fresh Smelling after Washing, then my Neighbor told me This Trick!

It takes only 2 drops of these homemade mixtures that you are able to make by yourself…

Certainly, there is nothing worse than stains from wine or food on your white shirt. To make matters worse, these stains are difficult to remove even with the most expensive products. So, what can you do about it?

Today, we are going to show you some simple tricks that will clean the stains easily. Your clothes will be pearly white again. The products in markets, which are very expensive,are also filledwith lot of chemicals and are not as effectiveagainst stains as these mixtures.

However, do not worry anymore because we will show you all of the tricks with which you can successfully clean your clothes in an easy and effective way.

Once you try them, the stains on the clothes will not worry you so much. Just follow these instructions:

Baking soda

Soak the clothes in a mixture of 4l water and a cup of baking soda, after a few minutes you will notice how the natural color returns to the clothing.

Vinegar and lemon

This is another phenomenal mix for stains on clothes — just mix lemon juice and vinegar with your detergent and wash the clothes as usual. Although the smell of this mixture is a little strong, it will quickly remove stains.


Crush 6 aspirins and add them to a bowl of water, then dip the clothes into the mixture for 30 minutes. Wash them, as usual, and the stain will disappear in the end.