Remove Blackheads With One Simple And Effective Trick

I bet as every other individual, and especially when we talk about women’s dreams about having a clear, healthy and radiant skin, which in return makes us look attractive and beautiful.

But there is this small but big thing that comes in the middle of our dreams and reality and this is the blackheads. These fellas are actually tiny pimples which contain no skin.

Therefore when they become exposed to moisture and air, are easily oxidized and in favor change their color into dark brown-black.

We find all the time and read about some natural remedies that may be able to help us remove this unpleasant little blackhead.

At times, blackheads are pretty easily removed from our face and skin by scrubbing, but some times, you will require something more effective and powerful to get rid of this blackheads and solve the troubling issue.

So in this text, we will reveal the best way according to our experience to get rid of the annoying blackheads, painlessly and really quickly!

So this is our way to Get rid of blackheads with a simple homemade treatment!

You will require:

-1 tablespoon salt
-2 tablespoons Mint toothpaste
-2-3 ice cubes
-Small bowl for mixing

Method of preparation:

We will take the bowl and put In it, 2 tablespoons of mint toothpaste then mix it with a tablespoon of salt. You will get a mixture like a paste that you should apply on the nose and affected areas with blackheads.

The paste mixture should stay on the nose for 5 minutes in order to dry, when the timer expires, put some water and massage gently in a circular motion.

When this is performed, next step is to close the pores, in order to achieve that, you will be required to rub the ice cubes on the nose as cold is causing our skin to tighten, afterward you will dry your skin as well as your nose.

This will be all you need to do! So quickly and effectively your nose will be clear of blackheads!

How it works and why it’s effective:

Salt does not dissolve in toothpaste, and this is why this combination is perfect. Salt has a strong antibacterial effect and effectively defoliates the skin like face scrub gel.

On the other hand, we have the toothpaste which contains mint and that mint successfully opens the pores and fight the bacteria. The toothpaste cleanses the pores deeply and therefore eliminates the blackheads.

If you have dry skin, then you should apply a moisturizer at the end of the finished process. Moreover, do not worry if the nose becomes a bit red, this will disappear soon. Also, you should be careful and massage the nose really gently.

We know that blackheads are prone to returning and are stubborn, so after a while when they are back you can repeat the process and get your skin back on track.