Stop Consuming Lemon Water In The Morning! Millions Of People Make This Mistake!

Lemons are for sure one of the best sources of vitamin C and that is why if you consume them on a daily basis you will also intake the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C as well.

But there are not only good source of vitamin C but also potassium, magnesium, electrolytes and copper.

But are we doing everything properly with consuming the lemon water in the morning? In most of the cases people consume only the juice from the lemon and the peels are thrown away.

With consuming ONLY the lemon juice you are not gaining all the health benefits from the lemon.

So instead of consuming the regular lemon water in the morning and to obtain every possible health benefit from lemon you should prepare a recipe and in this article you will read how.

It is really simple, just squeeze a few lemons in a cup of water and into a zest grate some of them and add that into the cup. In another cup add the rest of the lemons and fill the cup with water. And you are done!

With this drink you will improve digestion and in your stomach the acidity will be balanced. It will also help you to absorb the food and it will help in storing the insulin.

And as we already know due to the high content of vitamin C in the lemons your immune system will be also boosted as well as your metabolism.